Emergency Phone Numbers: 911
Report all Incidents to FTCC’s Department of Public Safety and Security
Fayetteville Campus Phone: 910-678-8433
Collision Repair and Refinishing Center Phone: 910-486-3990
Collision U @ Spring Lake Phone: 910-486-7316
FTCC Education Center Phone: 910-486-7310
Horticulture Education Center Phone: 910-678-0064
Spring Lake Security Phone: 910-678-1012

Active Shooter / Violence Threat

When a violent threat is in your vicinity, you must be prepared mentally and physically to deal with the situation.

You have three options: Run | Hide | Fight
Homeland Security’s Quick Reference Guide (PDF format)

If you see someone with a weapon on campus or you are told someone has a weapon:

  1. Dial 911 and/or active the Panic Alarm for emergencies
  2. Give the 911 operator:
    • Your name
    • The exact location of the person with the weapon or where they were last seen
    • The name of the person suspected to have the weapon (if known)
    • A brief description of the person such as their clothing, race or gender
    • Their physical characteristics such as hair color and length, complexion, approximate age build, height and weight
    • The weapon type such as shotgun, rifle, handgun or knife
    • Call Public Safety and Security at 910-678-8433
  3. If you can’t speak, leave the line open, so the dispatcher can listen to what’s taking place.
  4. Shelter in place (wait for further instructions)
  5. Faculty and staff are responsible
  6. Direct people to remain or go to the nearest room or office
    • Lock and barricade doors
    • Close blinds/block windows
    • Turn off the lights
    • Silence cell phones
    • Seek protective cover
    • Keep occupants calm, quiet and out of sight
    • Keep yourself out of sight and take adequate cover/protection
    • Do not answer the door

*The weapon prohibition does not apply to handguns in a closed compartment inside the locked vehicle of an individual who has a legally obtained concealed handgun permit

Do not approach the person or inquire about the weapon!