Office Information

Horace Sisk Building (HOS), Room 800 2201 Hull Road, Fayetteville, NC 28303
Phone Number
Mary Pines

Who Can Use the Fitness Center

FTCC’s fitness centers are located at the Fayetteville and Spring Lake campuses and are primarily used as a lab for physical education and health classes. Equipment includes exercise bikes, treadmills, cross trainers, weight machines, dumbbells, medicine balls, and exercise balls. Please contact the fitness center for hours of availability.

  • Board Members & Spouses
  • College Employees & Spouses
  • FTCC Continuing Education Students Enrolled in a 8-16 week program
  • FTCC Curriculum (College Credit) Students
  • FTCC Retirees
    *Children of employees and board members ages 13 to 18 must be accompanied by a parent.


Fitness Center: Group Exercise

Fitness Center membership is required to participate in Group Exercise classes.

Group exercise classes are offered in HOS 641B. Check out the list of classes available below.


Must be a member of the Fitness Center to participate in Group Exercise classes.


Athletic wear/comfortable clothing, sneakers, and a hand towel.

Class Descriptions

Cardio: Consists of a variety of aerobic exercises.
Yoga: A total body workout using a combination of yoga poses and stretching.
Circuit Training: Body conditioning using resistance training and high intensity aerobics.


Qadearah Spriggs, Mary Pines, and Nathan Jones

Group Exercise Calendars!

Please check back later for available classes

Special Programs

Get Down, Get Funky, and GET HEALTHY with the That ’70s Program!

What is That ’70s Program?

It is a 40-day program to support you in getting more exercise, improving your eating habits and being generally healthier. It is also a fun way to relive a decade rich in entertainment, culture, and history. Everything from Watergate to the Vietnam War to Pet Rocks and the Love Boat.

What Are the Benefits of Participating?

If you are looking for a way to get active or stop eating so many sugary, high-fat foods, then the That ’70s Program is for you! It can also help you ease into a healthier lifestyle, if you are already exercising and eating well and it can help you to maintain or step up your efforts.

How Does it Work?

Every time you complete a time-earning activity, you  move 1, 2, or 3 months along the Long & Winding Road that leads through the 1970s. The activities you choose are up to you. Some examples include: buy a heart-healthy cookbook, recruit an exercise partner, or go for a walk. Your goal is to reach the end of the decade in 40 days. 

There will be an initial and a final weigh-in. Incentives will be awarded at the end of the program.

Who Can Participate?

FTCC Faculty, Staff, and Students!

The Grooviest Part!

As you progress through the months and years, you will receive a variety of supportive and entertaining information, resources, and games. Examples include: tips for over-40 fitness, an update on 1970’s food fads, a fitness-walking how-to, getting high on life, a 1970s trivia quiz, a sitcom crossword, a movie work search, and more! If you weigh-in in between the initial and final weigh-in and have lost at least one pound, you will receive an additional incentive.

Shake Your Booty!

To register, send an email to Mary Pines at