Roderick Head Shot
Athletics Technician

Roderick Gooden, 910-486-7416

Roderick Gooden has served as an Athletics Technician for the Trojans since 2020, continuing a career with Fayetteville Tech that began in 2011.

During his time with FTCC, Gooden has held positions as a part-time instructor, a sports referee, peer mentoring coordinator and male mentoring coordinator.

Gooden has three associate degrees from FTCC and earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Liberal Studies with a concentration in leadership from Purdue University. He is working toward his master’s degree in human services.

As a student at FTCC, he was President of the North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association and maintained a seat on the state board of community colleges as a student representative.

Gooden, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and father of four, retired from the U.S. Army in 2004, completing a 21-year career that included deployments during Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield. He and his wife, Rona, are active volunteers in the community and church.