Moe Licardo
Head Coach - Volleyball

Moe Licardo, 910-486-7343

Moe Licardo has coached FTCC volleyball since its inaugural season in 2018. He was named NJCAA Region 10 Division II Coach of the Year for 2020-21.

Licardo came to Fayetteville from Oceanside, Calif., by way of the U.S. Army nearly 30 years ago.

He began a career playing and coaching volleyball at 16 years old, becoming involved in the sport at the urging of his brother, who at the time served in the Marines. He’s coached military men, women, and co-ed volleyball teams with units he served with during his four years in the Army. He also coached the Sandhills Volleyball Club of North Carolina and the girls’ team at Freedom Christian Academy in Fayetteville from 2012-17. Licardo led Freedom to two conference championships in 2015 and 2017; he was also named Coach of the Year in both seasons.

Licardo graduated from FTCC with a degree in electronic engineering and technology while serving as an FTCC Student Ambassador. He is the father of four children.