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Dr. Valeria Russ

Portfolio Introduction

The Honors Program requires a cumulative portfolio focused on social awareness. This can include identifying, solving, or improving a social problem, or it can include bringing awareness to cultural diversity. The steps to complete this project will exemplify the student’s skills as a researcher, writer, and critical thinker.

Portfolio Guidelines

For each Honors course completed, students will apply the methodology of the course to generate a part of their portfolio. Some classes will support the research stage of the portfolio project; others will present the needed skills for practical application. Portfolios must reflect interdisciplinary research and the listed Student Learning Outcomes.

Portfolios must include the following items:

  1. Portfolio proposal, to include topic selection, research methodology, and purpose (note: proposals must be approved by the academic advisors)
  2. Annotated bibliography of sources
  3. Multimodal presentation
  4. Academic research essay
  5. Transcripts
  6. Resume
  7. Cover Letter
  8. Self-Assessments (Learning styles, career assessments, leadership assessments, etc.)
  9. One page reflection on the assessment results
  10. Certificates and/or Honors or recognition (if any)
  11. Two page reflection paper, to include gaps of learning and/or skill to be improved about the overall program and goal setting for the future.

Building Your Portfolio

Part One: Proposal

The portfolio should begin with a topic proposal, wherein students provide the specific focus, direction, and significance of their topic choice. Proposals should be one-page that details:

  • Why this topic was chosen
  • Its significance to a larger reading public
  • The methods of research, to include resources a student plans to use
  • Solutions or suggestions that show careful examination of one’s topic