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Associate in Arts

The College Transfer program leading to the Associate in Arts (P1012C) is designed for high school juniors and seniors who wish to begin study toward the Associate in Arts degree and/or intend to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a baccalaureate degree in a non-STEM major.

Students in this program are responsible for examining the requirements of the four-year college or university to which they plan to transfer for completion of their degree.

The Associate in Arts program concentrates heavily on the humanities and social sciences.  The course work in the program includes humanities, fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, mathematics, physical education, English, communications and the sciences.

This pathway is a structured set of courses included in the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) between the University of North Carolina and the North Carolina Community College System.  High School students are eligible to take the courses listed below, totaling 39 hours of available college credit with FTCC.

All credit earned in this pathway will directly transfer into the 60 credit hour Associate in Arts (A10100).

Students are able to enroll in one Career and Technical Education Pathway while enrolled in the College Transfer Pathway leading to the Associate in Arts.

English Composition ENG-111 Writing & Inquiry (3 credits)
ENG-112* Writing & Research in the Disciplines (3 credits)
Communication COM-231 Public Speaking (3 credits)
Humanities/Fine Arts ART-114 Art History Survey 1 (3 credits)
MUS-110 Music Appreciation (3 credits)
Social/Behavioral Sciences HIS-131 American History I** (3 credits)
HIS-132 American History II**
SOC-210 Introduction to Sociology** (3 credits)
Math MAT-152 Statistical Methods*** (4 credits)
Natural Sciences BIO-111 General Biology I (4 credits)^
Academic Transition ACA-122 College Transfer Success (1 credit)
Optional General Ed Hours Students may choose to take 2 semesters of the same foreign language
FTCC Offers (choose one): Elementary Spanish: SPA-111 and SPA-112* (3 credits each)
Elementary French: FRE-111 and FRE-112* (3 credits each)
American Sign Language: ASL-111 and ASL-112* (3 credits each)^
Russian: RUS-111 and RUS-112* (3 credits each)^

Total Semester Hours Credit: 33-39

* This course has a pre-requisite course that must be taken first. All classes have testing pre-requisites that must be met prior to enrollment.

** HIS-131 and HIS-132 can be used to satisfy the high school graduation requirement for American History 1 and American History 2. If a student takes AP US History instead, SOC-210 can be used to satisfy their fourth history elective requirement.

*** MAT-152 can be used to satisfy the high school graduation requirement for a fourth higher math, after the completion of Math I, Math II, and Math III at the high school.

^Most of the classes listed above are offered either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday between the hours of 1:00 and 2:50pm and follow the Cumberland County Schools (CCS) calendar for class days and holidays. Transportation will be provided to and from FTCC provided sufficient enrollment at each high school. Concurrent classes do not observe Cumberland County Schools (CCS) holidays and in most cases, transportation is not included.

High school students in the College Transfer Pathway Leading to the Associate in Arts must complete the entire pathway (minimum 33 core hours) before taking additional courses in the Associate in Arts degree program with the exception of mathematics courses beyond MAT 152 in the Associate in Arts.