Dean of Health Programs

Health Technologies Center, Room 204-A, 2201 Hull Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28303
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8:00AM to 5:00PM
Susan Ellis

Competitive Admissions Process

With the exception of the Mammography and Nurse Aide programs, all health programs require a competitive admissions process. A student must complete all pre-requisites and gain competitive points in order to apply for program approval. Students may take the designated program-related courses at FTCC in the Associate in General Education-Health program as they prepare to compete.

Applications Accepted

For all Competitive Health Programs: November 1st through January 30th
For Associate Degree Nursing Only: June 1st through July 31st (2nd Entry Point)

Related Science courses must have been satisfactorily completed with a grade of “B” or better within five years of entry into a health program. These courses may be attempted only twice.

Phase 1

  1. Complete the FTCC Application Process
  2. Attend a Health Applicant Counseling Session (this is not a mandatory information session)
    • Sessions are available online or in person in the Health Technologies Center
    • Bring your Student Education Plan (if you don’t have one, please stop by HTC 202 during regular business hours to obtain your SEP), paper and a pen
    • Do not bring children due to space limitations

Access the online Health Applicant Counseling Session:


See schedule below for dates and room locations of in-person sessions:

Health Application Counseling Sessions
2018 HACS Dates Time Location
May 1, 2018 (Tuesday) 6pm – 7pm HTC 231
June 7, 2018 (Thursday) 6pm – 7pm HTC 231
July 17, 2018 (Tuesday) 6pm – 7pm HTC 205
August 16, 2018 (Thursday) 6pm – 7pm HTC 205
September 13, 2018 (Thursday) CANCELLED 6pm – 7pm HTC 205
September 25, 2018 (Thursday) 6pm – 7pm HTC 205
October 9, 2018 (Tuesday) 6pm – 7pm HTC 205
November 13, 2018 (Tuesday) 6pm – 7pm HTC 205
December 4, 2018 (Tuesday) 6pm – 7pm HTC 205

NOTE: This session is a “Review of the Competitive Application Process” and IS NOT the required Information Session that your specific program will invite you to after you apply to compete for a seat. Sessions will begin promptly at the designated times.