Selecting a Program

Choose Major

“What’s your major or program?” Chances are, you’ll hear that question countless times before you graduate. Some students know exactly what major they will choose and have their career path planned out when they enter college. Most students, however, need to do some exploration before they decide on a major or program. It is better to take your time and choose a program best suited to you than to be close to graduation and find out you’ve made a poor choice. It takes time and research to find the major that best suits you. The following resources are here to assist you in choosing a program.

If after you’ve completed the tasks below you still are unsure about a program, consider speaking with an FTCC advisor.

How to Select Your Program

Selecting a program is the first step towards establishing your career after college. It is not unusual for students to not have a declared major or program, (or even an idea of one) upon starting college or change their program during their time in college. Deciding on your program is one of the most important college decisions, but can sometimes be one of the more complicated. A step-by-step guide is provided below to help you start making that decision and your Advisor is always available to assist.

STEP 1: Consider Your Options
A listing of all available concentrations, and degree programs offered at FTCC is in the College Catalog (paper copy and online). On this list, circle the programs that interest you, and cross off the programs that don’t.

STEP 2: Get the facts
Pick up information from specific departments on any programs that appeal to you. Speak with faculty members and advisors in your prospective programs. Talk to other students in your prospective program. Take an introductory course in your prospective program. Take advantage of career counseling on campus. Explore programs and majors on the internet.

STEP 3: Review your options
Shorten your list of possible programs to two or three that interest you the most and ask yourself the following questions about them:

• What subjects will I study?
• What is the disciplinary focus of the program?
• What are the major and related course requirements for this program?
• Will I enjoy these courses?
• What minors or other courses might complement this program?
• Does this major provide an opportunity for internships, faculty research, and/or experiential learning?
• What skills will this program help me to develop?
• Is graduate school usually required to work in fields associated with this program?
• What kinds of jobs do students in this program pursue? 

STEP 4: Make a Decision
If you’ve followed the steps above, you should be ready to choose a program that best meets your needs and interests. Don’t be afraid to make a decision. You are likely to succeed in a program, you enjoy because you will commit the time and effort necessary to be successful.