parking permits

FTCC Parking Permits

Curriculum Students

  1. Go to the Security Office at the General Classroom Building, Room 102
  2. valid student I.D. Card is required.
  3. Proof of vehicle ownership is required. License   plate numbers must be provided for all vehicles parked on campus.
  4. Complete a vehicle registration form.
  5. If you plan to park a vehicle on campus, you must have a parking permit, either temporary or permanent.
  6. Be sure you display your parking permit on your car when on campus.
  7. Student should obtain parking permits during the registration period or during the first three days of class.
  8. A person will be issued one permit per vehicle and one replacement at no charge for lost permits. All other replacements for lost permits will cost $10 per replacement.
  9. One permit will be issued for each registered vehicle. Students may register a maximum of two (2) vehicles.

Continuing Education Students

Continuing Education Center (CEC) Students to include High School and GED students will be issued a Continuing Education Temporary Parking Permit by either CEC Registration and Records or an instructor. The permit must be displayed in a readable location on the vehicle windshield, dashboard or rear window.

Illegal Use of Permit: All Persons Involved In Illegal Use of A Parking Permit, or Attempting Such, May have their campus vehicle parking privileges revoked.

Faculty and Staff (Full-Time and Part-Time)
Go to the Security Office, General Classroom Building, Room 102

  1. Employees must show proof of employment, i.e. staff/faculty I.D. card, or a letter or call from a supervisor.
  2. All Part-Time personnel will be issued a parking permit for one year.
  3. All Full-Time personnel will be issued a parking permit for three years.
  4. Faculty and staff who park a vehicle on campus must obtain a minimum of one parking permit.

Temporary Permits
Students, staff, and faculty must have a permanent parking permit in order to obtain a Temporary Permit. The following will apply:

  1. The permit is free of charge.
  2. The permit is issued for no more than 10 college days. Any exceptions will be approved by the Director of Public Safety and Security or designated representative.
  3. The permit is issued if employee/student drives another vehicle to school and has forgotten to place the permanent parking permit on the vehicle. Remember, you can move your permanent permit to another car and avoid the need for a temporary permit.

Handicapped Permits
FTCC handicapped permits can be given only to those persons displaying a handicapped license plate, placard, or identification card issued by the Dept. of Motor Vehicles in accordance with General Statute G.S. 20-37.6.  Vehicles with handicapped permits will be allowed to park in marked handicapped parking spaces when available.

  1.  When spaces are not available, any marked space may be used unless marked for a specific purpose, i.e., Instructor of the Year, FTCC Security Only.
  2. A violation of this rule carries a penalty of up to $250 when cited by the local police agencies.
  3. To apply for handicapped privileges, contact one of the Dept. of Motor Vehicles License Plate Agencies listed below (a doctor must sign the application).      

    a. Eutaw Village Mini-mall  485-1590 
    b. Hope Mills Shopping Plaza  424-2500 
    c. Spring Lake Shopping Plaza  497-3707. 

4.   All persons must provide the proper documentation in order to receive a handicapped permit which authorizes them to use a handicapped space. 

 If you are not handicapped, please do not park in a space needed for the handicapped.
You may be cited for misuse of a handicapped permit.  The permit may be confiscated by the Fayetteville Police Department.

Placement of FTCC permanent Parking Permits Permit Placement

Must be displayed on the vehicles registered with the FTCC Security Department. the decal adheres by static cling. Please follow the instructions carefully. Application instructions: 1. Clean the window with water. 2. Leave damp. 3. Peel off permit from cardboard. 4. Apply to window. 5. Smooth out air bubbles.