emergency numbers:

Main Security
Day Phone: 

Spring Lake Campus Security
Phone: 910.678.1012
Cell Phone: 910.303.1208

Horticulture Education Center Security
Phone: 910.678.0064


Since parking on campus is a privilege, the following rules need to be followed.

Where to Park
A legal space to park is defined as an area marked with two white lines, two yellow lines, or yellow and white lines spaced far enough apart to allow a vehicle to park safely between.  Areas that have a line on one side and a curb on the other are considered to be a legal parking space. Motorcycles may be parked in the yellow hash marked lines of any parking lot.

  • Students - White Lined Areas Only (Do Not Park In Visitor Spaces)
  • Staff/Faculty - Yellow Lined Areas (Staff/Faculty may park in visitor spaces but only to conduct temporary business in a building)
  • Visitors - Yellow Lined Areas Marked as Visitor Spaces

  See Map  

All Persons May Park in Parking Lot #5, the Unpaved Area.  (Permit Required) Oversized Vehicles or vehicles with trailers must use this lot.

Illegal Parking Areas Are:

  • Students parked in Visitors spaces.
  • Students parked in Staff/Faculty spaces.
  • Anyone parked in handicapped spaces without permit.
  • Anyone parked on grass.
  • Anyone parked on sidewalks.
  • Anyone parked in fire lanes.
  • Anyone parked within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • Anyone parked in traffic lanes impeding the flow of traffic.
  • Anyone blocking dumpsters.
  • Anyone parked in tow-away zones.
  • Anyone parked across the yellow or white lines (diagonal lines).
  • Anyone parked in more than one parking space.
  • Anyone parked in areas not marked for parking.
  • Anyone parked in a “No Parking” area.
  • Anyone parked against the normal flow of traffic creating a safety hazard, i.e., backed into or pulled through an angled space where there is only one-way traffic.
  • Anyone parking a motorcycle in a vehicle space. (Spaces for motorcycles are indicated in red on the map in this booklet).
  • Anyone parking a bicycle in areas other than bicycle racks (i.e., chained to   light poles, fences, handrails, buildings inside or outside).
  • Anyone parking buses or vehicles with trailers in regular parking lots (Parking lot  #5 will be used).
  • Anyone parking a four-wheeled vehicle in a motorcycle parking area.  

Other Violations:        
A citation will be issued when a violation of one of the following occurs:        

  • No FTCC parking permit displayed.
  • Expired FTCC parking permit displayed. 
  • Mutilated or defaced FTCC parking permit displayed.
  • Placing FTCC parking permit where it is not readable to the Security Officer.
  • Displaying a parking permit that cannot be read.


The “BOOT” will be used when the vehicle operator has repeatedly failed to comply with FTCC Traffic Rules and Regulations. Do not attempt to move the vehicle with the “BOOT” attached.  The vehicle could be damaged.  Contact the Security Office by phone: 678-8433, Emergency Callbox, or come to the Security Office, Rm. 102 in the General Classroom Building (GCB).

A traffic fine of ten ($10.00) dollars must be paid before the “BOOT” is removed.

Cars parked in the ATC Automotive or Auto Paint & Body Shop Parking Areas must have current work orders displayed on the dash.  Those without an authorized work order will be cited, booted, or towed. Whenever any motor vehicle is found to be parked contrary to or in violation of the provisions of any parking regulation, it shall be assumed that the vehicle was parked by the person to whom the vehicle is registered.