Public Safety & Security

24-Hour, Seven Day Per Week Assistance: 910-678-8433

Our Security Officers are here to maintain a safe environment for students to attend FTCC. The mission of the Public Safety & Security Department is to help provide and maintain an atmosphere that enhances the educational process and fulfills the total mission of FTCC by providing a highly trained, motivated and professional security staff.

An FTCC parking permit is required for all students, staff, and faculty that park a vehicle on campus.

How to Get a Parking Permit »

Where to Park

A legal space to park is defined as an area marked with two white lines, two yellow lines, or yellow and white lines spaced far enough apart to allow a vehicle to park safely between.  Areas that have a line on one side and a curb on the other are considered to be a legal parking space. Motorcycles may be parked in the yellow hash marked lines of any parking lot.

Traffic Rules & Regulations

Faculty/Staff: Yellow Lined Areas
Students: White Lined Areas Only (Do Not Park In Visitor Spaces)
Visitors: Yellow Lined Areas Marked as Visitor Spaces or White Student Spaces

FTCC student ID cards are processed by the Department of Public Safety and Security in the General Classroom Building, Room 102F. This card must be validated for the current semester and be carried at all times while on campus.

ID cards are presented for access to FTCC facilities and services to:

– Check out library/media materials
– Provide campus security
– Secure parking permits
– Participate in SGA-sponsored events

A lost or damaged card should be returned or reported to the Security Office as soon as possible.

– 24-hour, seven day per week assistance (910-678-8433)
– Accident/incident inquires
– Air tank for flat tires
– Basic First Aid
– Change flat tires (for those who physically cannot change a tire)
– Crime prevention
– Emergency call boxes: blue box on brown poles with blue light on top contacts with Security
– Gas can (you buy gas)
– Jump start vehicles
– Locking/unlocking of College facilities
– Medical response
– Motorist assistance program
– Personal safety & security
– Public Safety & Security Crime Prevention Traffic Rules/Regulations Pamphlet
– Security of personal/private property
– Traffic & parking lot control
– Vehicle registration (M-F, 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., GCB, Room 102 (except holidays)