President's Office

Dr. KeenOn August 1, 2007, Dr. J. Larry Keen began his service as the fourth president of Fayetteville Technical Community College. Dr. Keen is engaged in providing academic programs of study which enhance services to all students, and he strives to assist military students, veterans and their respective family members by offering flexible programs of study which provide academic credits for the valuable training and experience soldiers received while serving, regardless of military branch or location.

He has taken the lead in revitalizing technical programs verging on the brink of closure resulting in a robust series  of programs in great demand and with high job placement rates. Dr. Keen is a leader in human resources development, training, and economic and workforce development, having served as vice president for the North Carolina Community College System at the state level and on numerous delegations in leadership roles at the international level.

His career reflects both classroom experience as a faculty member and educational leadership as administrator at the community college and university levels. He is actively involved in his church and community, serving on the boards of several local and regional organizations.

He is adept in understanding and responding to the unique needs and challenges faced by community college students, many of whom work while pursuing higher education; Dr. Keen, in fact, began his own higher education journey by first earning an associate degree and was simultaneously employed throughout many years as he persevered to attain a doctoral degree.

Dr. Keen received his Ed D. from Oklahoma State University, M.S. from Pittsburgh State University, B.S. from Missouri Southern State College, and A.A from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College. He is certified as a Master Trainer and Facilitator for numerous training systems including AchieveGlobal, Development Dimensions International, and The Pacific Institute.

Dr. Keen and his wife, Vicki , have two sons, Scott and Corey. Corey and his wife Jessica have Two daughters, Kaitlyn and Brianna.