Campus mail is picked up each morning from US Post Office, sorted in the Lafayette Hall Mail Room 110 and distributed to mail rooms in buildings on campus and off campus sites (Fort Bragg & Spring Lake) There are two (2) mail runs per day on campus, and one (1) off campus. Outgoing mail is taken to the Post Office between 4:30p.m. - 5:00p.m. each day. First class mail will be postmarked and taken to the post office for mailing the same day the mail courier receives it. Bulk mailings or special mailing may take up to three days.

FEDX PACKAGES must be brought to the mail room by 3 p.m. if it is to be mailed that day. You must have a street address and correct zip code and phone number to put on the FedX Form that is to be filled out in the Mail Room. All FedX overnight is delivered by 10:30 a.m. the next day and Standard 2-day is delivered by 3 p.m. FedX does not pick up daily, so if you have a package that needs to go out, you need to let the staff in the mail room know ahead of time. FedX only picks up and delivers mail to the Lafayette Hall Mail Room.

UPS MAILINGS are processed at the Warehouse. You may contact them by calling Ext. 88290 or 86298.

FTCC mail services are for official use only, personal items/packages or bills are not to be sent to the College PO box.