Flex Courses

Online Courses for Military to Complete at Your Own Pace

We understand that due to your military responsibilities, you often require an additional level of scheduling flexibility in order to earn your college degree. Flex Courses are another way that Fayetteville Technical Community College provides flexible scheduling options. These classes allow students the most flexibility in fitting courses around their busy schedules due to the flexibility of due dates.

Ideal for the Military

  1. Flexible & Affordable
  2. Fully Facilitated Course
  3. High Quality Instruction

Course Features

  1. Online Course Material
  2. Low or No Cost eTextbook
  3. Interactive Lesson Presentations
  4. Audio/Visual Components
  5. Engaging Lesson Presentations
  6. Interactive Exercises & Quizzes to Check Your Understanding


Enroll for courses through GoArmyEd or by contacting the Program Coordinator.

Please note that the course schedule is subject to change. Check WebAdvisor for the most up-to-date course information and to view additional course offerings, formats, and sections available.

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Textbook Information

Please note that the textbook information applies only to the sections listed and is tentative. Check with your instructor for the most up-to-date textbook information. All other sections may require a different textbook.

For textbook information for all other courses/sections not listed, please visit the FTCC Online Bookstore.