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Find out how many credits you have already earned toward a degree with Credit for Military Training.

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1. Earn Credit for Military Training to reduce the time it takes to earn your associate degree. Select a branch to get started: Air Force | Army | Coast Guard | Marine Corps | Navy

2. Sign up for Online Flex Courses and complete at your own pace to finish your degree requirements.

3. Complete a Military Certificate Program for additional industry credentials.

4. Take advantage of our University Partnerships to fully transfer your credits to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Paramedic Graduates


Air Force

FTCC is committed to helping you balance your military service, family and education through affordable and flexible degree options. We make getting your education easy by partnering with military programs such as General Education Mobile (GEM). At FTCC, you can complete requirements to earn your CCAF degree and also earn our Associate of General Education degree, which is fully transferable to the university degree.

Air Force TA – Form: AF 1227  |  Help Line:  877-596-5771, Option 7

Air Force ROTC

Fayetteville Technical Community College is an affiliated school of Detachment 607. You can enroll at FTCC to earn a degree and join Air Force ROTC to pursue a commission with the U.S. Air Force.


With over 100 Military Occupational Specialties evaluated for college credit, soldiers can apply credit earned through military training to an associate degree and complete remaining courses either at the Fort Bragg Center or online with self-paced Flex Courses. Fayetteville Technical Community College offers scholarships to eligible active duty service members that, when combined with the Army’s tuition assistance program, can cover up to 100% of undergrad tuition and a significant portion of grad tuition.

Army TA – Form: DA 2171  |  Help Line:  800-817-9990

Coast Guard

FTCC is dedicated to providing education opportunities to our Guardsmen that are flexible and affordable. We recognize the demands of military service and are committed to serving your educational needs. Applying is easy and an Admissions Advisor can assist you in exploring your options.

Coast Guard TA – Form: CGI 1560  |  Help Line:  405-954-1360

Intelligence Studies (A25700)

The Intelligence Studies curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for employment and growth in the intelligence profession.

Marine Corps

College credit will be awarded for Marine Corps experience and training including MOS producing schools, Marine Corps Institute courses, the Sergeants Course Distance Education Program, the Corporals Course, and Recruit Training based on evaluation by The American Council on Education and FTCC’s Credit for Military Training program.

Marine Corps TA – Form: NAVMC 10883

National Guard

Guard soldiers can take advantage of our educational pathways and Credit for Military Training just as easily as active duty service members. Apply your credits earned through military training to an associate degree and choose to take classes conveniently located at the Fort Bragg Center or online with Flex Courses that can be completed at your own pace.

National Guard TA – Form: Army DA 2171
Air Force – Help Line:  877-596-5771
GoArmyEd or Army State Portal – Help Line:  877-838-1659


Did you know you can get college credit for your Navy experience? The American Council on Education (ACE) collaborates with DoD to review military training and experience and recommend appropriate college credit for members of the Armed Forces. FTCC has reviewed these recommendations and has converted your Navy training and skills into college credit.

Navy TA – Form: NAVEDTRA 1560/5  |  Help Line:  800-817-1659

Science Prerequisites for Health Professions

FTCC offers the courses needed to help you apply for the Accelerated Second Degree BSN Option at East Carolina University or the Interservice Physician Assistant Program (IPAP). The courses offered meet the requirements set forth in AR 601-20 that must be met as part of your Army PA Application. Please note, courses offered assist you with application preparation into the various programs.

Special Operations

For over 5 years, FTCC has partnered with all services to maximize the unique blend of tactical and technical expertise, language proficiency, and cultural abilities of SOF service members and convert that experience into college credits. With FTCC’s Credit for Military Training, you can earn up to 48 college credits toward an Associate in General Education.

Spouse Programs - MyCAA

FTCC is proud to participate in the My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) Scholarship. Through the MyCAA Scholarship program, an eligible military spouse can receive up to $4,000 of tuition assistance over two years for certain areas of study.


The All American Veterans Center opens its doors to all veterans and families, whether pursuing an education at FTCC or seeking a place to connect with peers. Our veteran services technicians offer personal assistance with your educational benefits and our center provides full support to veterans through a variety of resources, partnerships, and programs.

FTCC Credit Search Tool

Use the Credit Search Tool for an approximation of the credit you have already earned at FTCC through your military training and experience. Simply select your branch, occupations held, pay grade, and any additional military schools attended.

If you have had various occupations throughout your service, you can select as many occupations as needed. You can also choose to search for your occupation, or select from the list in the drop-down menu.

Based on your selections, the search tool will generate a printable list of all the courses for which you could receive college credit if you attend FTCC. Remember that these credits are in addition to any college credit you have earned at other colleges and universities.