Criminal Justice Video Files

Accident or Murder?  Re-creating a Fatal Fall a Fatal Fall.html

Advances in DNA Testing in DNA Testing.html

Analyzing Blood Clues Blood Clues.html

Ballistics and Blood Stains and Blood Stains.html

Beaten By a Hair: Ultraviolet Microscopy Microscopy.html

Bitter Potion: Psychological Profiling Profiling.html

Body of Evidence: Computerized Photo Enhancement Photo Enhancement.html

Forensic Genetics Genetics.html

Forensics and Microorganisms and Microogranisms.html

Forensic Geology and Odontology Geology and Odontology.html

Geophysics and Forensic Anthropology and Forensic Anthropology.html

Innocence Lost: Fiber Analysis Analysis.html

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Syndrome by Proxy.html

Postal Mortem: Explosives and Document Forensics and Documents Forensics.html

Rope Analysis Analysis.html

Sex, Lies and DNA: Luminol, Pherophalin and DNA Testing, Pherophalin, and DNA Testing.html

The Blood Trail: Blood, Fiber, and Imprint Forensics, Fiber, and Imprint Forensics.html

The Killing Room: Gathering Evidence of Fatal Blood Loss Evidence of Fatal Blood Loss.html

The Magic Bullet: Ballistics


Ultimate Betrayal: Pyroanalysis and Toxicology and Toxicology.html

The House That Roared: Luminal Testing House That Roared_Luminal Testing.html

Insect Clues: Forensic Entomology Clues_Forensic Entomology.html

Charred Remains Remains.html

The Common Thread: Multiple Forensics Common Thread_Multiple Forensics .html

Out of the Ashes of the Ashes.html

"Sim"iliar Circumstances: Retroactive Amnesia Circumstances_Retroactive Amnesia.html

Without a Trace: Toxicology a Trace_Toxicology.html

The Dirty Deed: Plant Biology Criminaljustice at Work Dirty Deed_Plant Biology Criminaljustice.html

Killer Fog: Meteorological Testing Fog_Meteorlogical Testing.html

Sealed With a Kiss: DNA Saliva Testing With a Kiss_DNA Saliva Testing.html

Slippery Motives: Crime Scene Reconstruction Motives_Crime Scene Reconstuction.html

Something's Fishy: Chemical Poisoning Fishy_Chemical Poisoning.html 


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