Marketing & Public Relations

The Marketing and Public Relations division is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, developing and approving the marketing, promotions, and public relations functions for the College.

The primary areas of responsibilities include:
  1. the creation and execution of the College’s marketing plans, coordinating the development and production of the College’s publications and promotional literature in all appropriate media;
  2. the coordination of the College public relations events and press releases; and
  3. the coordination of the College’s advertising; and
  4. the coordination of the College’s social media programs.

Staff Members

Brent Michaels – Executive Director for Marketing & Public Relations | 910-678-8209

Wanda Dail – Marketing & Public Relations Assistant | 910-678-8203

Allie Schofield – Senior Secretary | 910-678-8480

Mary Mitchell – Webmaster | 910-678-8204

Alicia Banks – Digital Content & Social Media Specialist | 910-486-3927

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