Faculty Services at the Paul H. Thompson Library

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FTCC's faculty play an important role in collection development of both the main campus library and the public library serving the Spring Lake campus.  Designated faculty from each department are required to visit the library and review sections of the print collection relevant to their areas of expertise on an annual basis.  Generally, this is accomplished during the time allotted for departmental activities when the faculty return from the summer break.  If you are a faculty member participating in collection review on the main campus, please visit the circulation desk on the library's second floor and ask for one of our seasoned Librarians to assist you.  Spring Lake faculty must visit the Spring Lake branch of the Cumberland County Public Library and ask for FTCC Liaison Librarian Megan Rudolph.  The library is located beside the Spring Lake campus.  Faculty participating in collection review will need the following forms and guides during their visit:

Instructions for Annual Departmental Evaluation of Library Collection

Annual Departmental Evaluation of Library Collection

Library of Congress Clasification Guide (Main Campus only)

Print versions of these forms are also available at the 2nd floor circulation desk on the main campus.

Faculty requests and suggestions for our print collection are strongly encouraged, and are given the highest priority when funds are available. The form provided below must be filled out and can be sent through interoffice mail or e-mailed to main campus Librarian Tammy Stewart at: stewartt@faytechcc.edu

Faculty Suggested Titles for Addition to Library's Collection


Library Orientations are routinely offered to ACA students as well as students in other courses offered at FTCC.   Main campus library orientations state-of the art Bibliography Instruction room.  Any orientation session can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular assignment, paper or project. To schedule an orientation, please complete the Library Orientation Request form and send it to Librarian Deborah Foster, or contact her by

telephone at 678-8247/8257.  You can also request a library orientation via E-mail: fosterd@faytechcc.edu. If you are teaching at the Spring Lake campus, contact Bryson Kopf, FTCC Liaison Librarian at 49-3650, or by e-mail at


Faculty are strongly encouraged to place course materials such as textbooks and reading assignments on reserve.  Items will be available for checkout at the circulation desk (second floor).  Faculty may choose

to place materials on reserve for "library use only", or designate themfor circulation away from the library on a limited basis.  To place itemson reserve, please complete the Reserve Materials Form and turn it in

with your materials at the circulation desk. For more information, contact Patricia Brown or Librarian Deborah Foster at 678-8247/8257, or E-mail: fosterd@faytechcc.edu.  Spring Lake faculty interested in placing items on reserve at the Spring Lake campus, contact FTCC Liaison Bryson Kopf at 497-3650, or by e-mail at:




Course reading lists are an asset to the collection development of the library.  Titles from the lists can be ordered when necessary and added to the library's collection with available funds.  Those that cannot be ordered can be located at other libraries and borrowed via interlibrary loan.  Your reading lists will be researched for availability and placed on the library's Virtual Reference page for easy access. For more information on this service, please contact Librarian Tammy Stewart at 678-8253/8247 or by e-mail at: stewartt@faytechcc.edu