The Youth Program is contracted with Cumberland County School System. Please visit their website at for more information or contact Pam Gibson at


The Youth Program, under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, is designed to provide education, training and employment opportunities and services to low-income youth, ages 16-21. The objective is to empower today’s youth with the knowledge and opportunities that will help provide the basis for future success.

Our focus is based on the neediest youth as defined by the legislation. Any youth, who is a resident of Cumberland County and meets the criteria set by WIA, may participate. The Youth program provides the following services:

Program service levels are guided by the Youth Council  and the Workforce Development Board. The elements of the Youth program are supported by cultural enrichment and community service activities that allow participants to get hands-on experience. These opportunities enhance learning and promote successful transition into self-sufficiency.

Summer Youth Employment Fact Sheet

Eligibility Requirements for Youth (ages 16-21)

Employers: Download a Worksite Request Application here