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Program code: C25310H1

Medical Coding and Billing prepares students for employment in a medical office or other healthcare related business.  Students will learn accurate coding processes and develop skills applicable in the medical coding and billing field.  Credit obtained in these courses may be transferred directly into the Medical Office Administration associate degree curriculum.

            H.S. UNIT
          Credit  S-Standard
Fall     OST 141^ Medical Terms I - Medical Office* MWF 1:00-2:50wb 3 1 S
    (1st 8 wks)      
OST 142^ Medical Terms II - Medical Office** MWF 1:00-2:50wb 3 1 S
    (2nd 8 wks)      
OST 149 Medical Legal Issues* TTH 1:00-2:50wb 3 1 S
Spring     OST 148 Med. Coding, Billing & Insurance** M - F 1:00-2:50wb 3 1 S
    (1st 8 wks)      
OST 247 Procedure Coding** MW 1:00-2:50wb 2 1 S
    (2nd 8 wks)      
OST 248 Diagnostic Coding** TTH 1:00-2:50wb 2 1 S
    (2nd 8 wks)      
^Articulated course
*SAT, ACT, Accuplacer, PLAN, PSAT, Compass, or Asset test scores required
**Course prerequisites apply

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