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Program code: C40100H1

Green Sustainable Architecture introduces the concepts and principles related to green site development and architectural design. Students receive instruction in construction document preparation, materials and methods, environmental and structural systems, computer applications, and complete a design project. Credits obtained in these courses may be transferred directly into the Architectural Technology associate degree curriculum. 

            H.S. UNIT
          Credit S=Standard
Fall ARC 111^ Intro to Architectural Technology MWF 1:00-2:50 3 1 S
SST 140 Green Building Concepts TTH 1:00-2:50 3 1 S
Spring ARC 112 Construction Materials & Methods MWF 1:00-2:50 4 1 S
ARC 114^ Architectural CAD TTH 1:00-2:50 2 1 S
^Articulated course

This program does not have any testing requirements.

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