HSC Logo  Crim Just/Latent Evidence Tech C5518AH1 Full for 2014-2015

Latent Evidence provides an in-depth study of current crime scene processing techniques and procedures. Topics include fingerprint classification, identification, and chemical development. This program prepares the student in the basic skills required for entry-level employment as a crime scene investigator. Credits obtained in these courses may be transferred directly into the Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence associate degree curriculum. 

            H.S. UNIT
          Credit  S-Standard
Fall CJC 244 Footwear & Tire Imprints MW 1:00-2:50wb 3 1 S
CJC 245 Friction Ridge Analysis TTH 1:00-2:50wb 3 1 S
Spring CJC 114 Investigative Photography MW 1:00 - 2:50 2 1 S
CJC 246 Adv Friction Ridge Analysis** TTH 1:00-2:50wb 3 1 S
**Course prerequisites apply
Students must take CJC 144 and CJC 146 concurrently to complete the Latent Evidence Certificate

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