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Here are some FAQs about the High School Connections Program:


Q: Help! I'm enrolled in the program but don't know how to log in to any of my accounts. How do I find this information?

A: FTCC uses a standard naming convention to establish each account name. This data is taken directly from the registration records. The first seven characters of your last name, the first letter of your first name and last four digits of your Student ID Number.  (Example: John P. OnlineStudent with ID #1234567    Login is: onlinesj4567 ). Your Student ID Number can be found on your Student ID card, your registration statement or registration mailer. If your last name is less than seven characters use your entire last name, the first letter of your first name and last four digits of your Student ID number. (Example: Jane P. Doe, ID #1234567 would be doej4567 ). If your last name is hyphenated or contains another special character do not include the hyphen or special character. (Example: Jane P. Doe-Smith, ID #1234567 would be doesmitj4567 ). Your birthday (MMDDYY) is your initial password, with no dashes or spaces. (Example: January 2, 1980 would be 010280).**If the 6-digit DOB does not work as your password, please try an 8-digit entry (MMDDYYYY).

WebAdvisor: Students can find their login information by visiting the FTCC homepage and clicking on WebAdvisor (a blue box at the very bottom right-hand corner of the page). On the next page, click once again on the blue WebAdvisor box; this will bring you to a page with options for Students, Employees, Faculty, etc. At the bottom of the page, there is a link that reads: "Account Information". Then, click "What's my User ID?". By clicking on this link, students will follow a series of steps to determine their User ID and password for WebAdvisor (they will be prompted to change the password upon logging in). Once a student has logged in to WebAdvisor, they will be able to access many important parts of their FTCC record, including their schedule, grades, and unofficial transcripts. Students who stay at FTCC full-time after graduation will also be able to access their Financial Aid and other vital documents via their WebAdvisor account.

Blackboard: Once students know their User ID, they should be able to locate the "Blackboard" link at the top of the FTCC homepage and use the same initial login information as WebAdvisor. Blackboard will be the platform that students will use to receive assignments from their instructors, complete various class tasks, and keep up with their running grade total. Classes in which students are enrolled will not be accessible until the first day of class (in other words, don't panic if you log in early and don't see your classes! As long as they are in your schedule in WebAdvisor, they will turn up on the first day of class in Blackboard).

Email: High School Connections students are responsible for keeping up with their FTCC email accounts. FTCC instructors will not contact students via generic Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or other accounts- they will only communicate with the college-supplied email address. The link for "Student Email" can be found at the top of the FTCC homepage and will again utilize the student's User ID and initial password from WebAdvisor.


Q: What do I need to know about graduation?

FTCC's graduation ceremony will take place the evening of Friday, May 15th, and the optional rehearsal will be the afternoon of May 14th. Students who will complete a full CTE certificate pathway will be invited to attend this graduation ceremony, and the HSC staff will travel to their classes during the week of March 30th to collect graduation paperwork and distribute information regarding this event. Students DO NOT need to order an FTCC cap and gown for graduation, as they will be expected to wear their high school cap and gown for FTCC's ceremony. All certificate completers will be Summer 2014 graduates, and must submit their final, official high school transcript before they can be processed for graduation. Students who take college-transfer courses only, and students who will not complete an entire CTE pathway, will not be eligible to attend this ceremony.

Students wishing to attend FTCC after their high school graduation DO NOT need to submit a new admissions application, but they DO need to submit a program change form (which can be found here) to the Information Desk in GCB along with their final, official high school transcript.


Q: I need a copy of my FTCC transcript. How do I go about getting that?

A: Unofficial copies of your transcript can be printed from your WebAdvisor account (see instructions below for logging in to WebAdvisor). If you are in your first semester of High School Connections, you will not have a transcript available yet; in this instance, we recommend printing a copy of your schedule. If you need an official copy of your transcript, you may pay for and pick one up in the Business Office on campus (in the ADM Building) or you can request a copy online.


Q: Help! I'm struggling in my classes and don't know where to get extra support.

A: FTCC has several resources available to help students who find themselves struggling in class. You can visit your instructor's office hours (which should be listed on your class syllabus). You can attend one or more of the I-PASS workshops (click here and then select "Workshop Schedule). Additional help can be found by visiting the Student Learning Center in VCC 232. When in doubt- ask for help! We want our students to be successful and provide many options to help them reach this goal.


Q: My PLAN/PSAT/ACT/SAT scores are not high enough for the College-Transfer courses that I want to take. Now what?

A: Students may take FTCC's placement exam to obtain qualifying scores for College-Transfer courses. Please call 910-678-8417 to schedule an appointment for your ACCUPLACER or NCDAP exam. As of March 19th, FTCC will only test by appointment; testing will begin at 9:00am or at 1:00pm, so students who have made an appointment to test should plan to arrive by either 8:30 or 12:30. You can also visit the Academic Placement and Assessment website here. Students wishing to enroll in Career and Technical Education courses should see their high school guidance counselor or contact the HSC office for more information about required test scores.


Q: I am planning on attending "XYZ" University after I graduate. How do I know if my classes will transfer there?

A: If you are planning to attend a college or university after high school that is part of the UNC system, all of our college-transfer courses are guaranteed to transfer seamlessly as part of the new UGETC (Universal General Education Transfer Component) initiative. Basically, as long as "u get (a) C" or better in your college-transfer class, all UNC schools are required to accept that class credit-for-credit. If you are planning on attending a college that is not part of UNC, you can often visit the college's website and use the search term "articulation agreement" to see how your FTCC credit will be received by that particular institution. Here are just a few of the colleges that we tend to get a lot of questions about:

Appalachian State UNC-Chapel Hill
Campbell UNC-Charlotte
East Carolina UNC-Greensboro
Methodist UNC-Wilmington
NC State Click here for even more links!