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1. The  Career and Technical Education Pathways lead to college certificates aligned with a high school career cluster.


2. To be eligible for enrollment, a high school student must meet the following criteria:

a. Be a high school junior or senior;

b. Have a weighted GPA of 3.0 on high school courses or have the recommendation of the high school principal or his/her designee; and 

c. Meet the prerequisites for the career pathway (some testing applies; each program varies).


3. To maintain eligibility for continued enrollment, a student must

a. Continue to make progress toward high school graduation, and


b. Maintain a 2.0 GPA in college coursework after completing two courses. Students who fall below a cumulative academic* 2.0 GPA at FTCC will not be eligible for future High School Connections courses.      

(* a student's academic GPA does not include any penalization for course grades of "W"; however, students also have a financial aid GPA that factors in a course withdrawl as a grade of "F", so students are encouraged to think VERY carefully before withdrawing from any courses as this action may negatively affect their future financial aid availability.)


4. College Career and Technical Education courses may be used to provide partial or full fulfillment of a four-unit career cluster. Where possible, students should be granted articulated credit based on the local or state North Carolina High School to Community College articulation agreement.


5. A student must enroll in one program of study and may not substitute courses in one program for courses in another. The student may change his or her program of study major with approval of the high school principal or his/her designee and the college’s chief student development administrator. A student may simultaneously enroll in two CTE programs of study provided the exception has been approved by the college's Chief Academic Officer or his/her designee.


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