Speech Language Pathology Assistant

What is a Speech Language Pathology Assistant? 

A Speech Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) is a person who assists a licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) in a variety of areas, including:

What is the history of the SLP-Assistant Program at FTCC?

FTCC established it's Speech-Language Pathology Assistant program in 1997. It is currently one of two schools in North Carolina that has such a program. Upon acceptance into our program, our students travel in cohorts. Students take two (2) years to complete the program, after which, they receive an Associate in Applied Science. Furthermore, upon completion of the program all students are eligible to take the NC Registration Examination for SLP-Assistants. After receiving a passing score the students are deemed eligible to register with the NC Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant.  

Students in the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant program participate in service learning, as they conduct speech-language screenings in childcare centers across Cumberland County.

What are the advantages of the SLP-Assistant health career? 

The main advantage of serving as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant is that you have the opportunity to change lives; communication is the essence of human life!

Another major advantage of being an SLP-Assistant is job security; your job will always be in high demand. You have options for work settings, including school systems and private practices.

The salary for an SLP-Assistant is also very enticing for an Associate Degree. Currently, the average salary for SLP-Assistants ranges from $23,000 to $35,000 a year.

What should you do now to help you make the decision to go into the health field? 

Discover who you are - know your passions as well as your dislikes. Meditate on your answer to the question, "Do I enjoy making a difference by interacting with people?" remember, people perish due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. Applied knowledge is POWER!  Investigate various health fields that interest you.  Observe specific professions in action. Many of the local health agencies welcome visitors and are happy to answer questions.

**Famous people who did not let their disability overcome them:  James Earl Jones, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Willis, Nicole Kidman, Byron Pitts, Tiger Woods, etc.

Academic program sequencing and fact sheet may be found at: http://faytechcc.edu/curriculum_programs/healthprograms.aspx

    Individual Course Descriptions may be found at:   http://forms.faytechcc.edu/crsdesc/default.asp



ASHA'S FAQ:  http://www.asha.org/associates/SLPA-FAQs/

Department Chair:  Mrs. Charisse Gainey, Telephone: (910) 678-8492, Email: gaineyc@faytechcc.edu

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