Welcome to the FTCC Simulation Lab for Health Education Programs

Fall 2009, FTCC gathered a Task Force of faculty from numerous Health Programs (Associate Degree Nursing, Practical Nursing, Certified Nursing Assistant, Emergency Medical Science, Respiratory Therapy and Dental Hygiene) to develop a dedicated lab area devoted to active learning with the use of high fidelity human patient simulators.

Students still go to clinical sites, but faculty must monitor interactions with real patients very closely. When emergencies occur, students are often required to watch from the sidelines. These situations do not allow students to fully develop critical thinking skills.

High fidelity human patient simulators have many programmable features:

Simulation as a Substitute for Clinical Time

The National League for Nursing (NLN) supports and encourages that part of clinical time be spent in simulation lab. There are many things students are not legally allowed to do in clinical – such as calling a physician for orders.

Simulated Clinical Experiences allow students to:

FTCC Nurse Simulation Interview   (opens in a new window)

Videos of Multidisciplinary Simulated Clinical Scenarios

EMS with Associate Degree Nursing (opens in a new window)


Child Hospitalized with Asthma  (opens in a new window)


Adult with Chest Pain in Emergency Department  (opens in a new window)


Adult in Long Term Care with Hypoglycemia  (opens in a new window)


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