Pharmacy Technology 

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Pharmacy Technicians:

Pharmacy Technology offers a one-year Diploma curriculum which trains pharmacy technicians to work under the supervision of licensed pharmacists in performing the technical functions  involved in providing health care and medications to patients.  Instruction includes classroom, laboratory and clinical learning experiences.

Entry into the Diploma program requires a high school diploma or equivalent and the completion of one year of high school algebra and biology.

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National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

Upon completion of the program, students are encouraged to take the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.  Once employed, registration with the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy is required.


Associate Degree in Pharmacy Technology

The degree program is available for technicians wanting to continue their academic training. Instruction for this program is offered primarily through online courses in order to accomodate technicians currently working in   the pharmacy practice setting. Entry into the Associate Degree program requires current certification with the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and a Diploma in Pharmacy Technology.

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Department Chair

Dr. Dina Adams, Telephone: (910) 678-8229, Email:

Secretary: (910) 678-8264