Nurse Assistant

FTCC offers a 17 credit hour Nurse Assistant Certificate in the Curriculum Division. This Certificate offers college credit for the following courses over two semesters.

Nursing Aide I (NAS) 101 

Introduces basic nursing skills required to provide personal care for patients, residents, or clients in a health care setting. Topics include communications, safety, patients' rights, personal care, vital signs, elimination, nutrition, emergencies, rehabilitation, and mental health.  A certificate is awarded upon completion of this program permitting the graduate to be scheduled for competency testing required by the State of NC. Success on the NA I testing will lead to listing on the Nurse Aide I Registry maintained by the Division of Facility Services.

Nursing Aide II (NAS) 102 

Course provides training in selected advanced nursing assistant procedures. Emphasis is placed on sterile techniques, respiratory procedures, catheterization, wound and trach care, irrigations, and ostomy care. Upon completion, students would be able to demonstrate skills necessary to qualify as a Nursing Assistant II with the North Carolina Board of Nursing. A certificate is awarded upon completion of this course permitting the graduate to be listed on the Nurse Aide II Registry maintained by the NC Board of Nursing.

Survey of Medical Terminology (MED) 120

Course introduces the vocabulary, abbreviations and symbols used in the language of medicine. Emphasis is placed on building medical terms using prefixes, suffixes and word roots. Upon completion, students should be able to pronounce, spell and define accepted medical terms. Course hours per week: Class: 2 Semester Hours credit, 2.

If you are a caring and compassionate person who wants to make a positive impact in a health care profession, this career may be for you. It will also be an excellent foundation for other areas of health care.

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