Nuclear Medicine Technology

The Nuclear Medicine Technology curriculum provides the didactic and clinical experience necessary to prepare students to qualify as entry-level Nuclear Medicine Technologists.

Students will acquire knowledge and skills in patient care, use of radioactive materials, operation of imaging and counting instrumentation, and laboratory procedures.

Graduates of the program may be eligible to apply for certification/registration examinations given by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certifiction Board (NMTCB) and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

nmt in action
FTCC offers a 2 year/Associate’s Degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology through an Instructional Service Agreement (ISA) with Johnston Community College (JCC). The admissions process will be directed by JCC; however, accepted applicants will have the option to attend class at FTCC. 

FTCC students seeking entry into the Nuclear Medicine Technology program will need to do the following:

1.  Complete the program prerequisites listed below:

  • Place into ENG 111 and MAT 161 (for entry in 2014) / MAT 171 (for entry in 2015)  

  • High School Biology or Developmental Biology or BIO 110/111  


High School Chemistry or Developmental Chemistry

***Applicants must have attained a minimum grade of “C” in the biology and chemistry courses.

  • College Level Physics (PHY 110 and PHY 110A or a higher level college level physics course with a lab or 2 Radiographic Physics courses with labs will meet this requirement.)

***Students enrolled in the above science courses in spring 2014 are eligible to apply to the program for fall 2014.  Transcripts for these courses must be on file in the JCC Admissions Office by May 19, 2014 to remain eligible for application consideration to the program.  Students who are enrolled in these science courses for spring 2014, must submit the program specific application by the March 1, 2014 deadline.

  • Complete the Health Occupations Test (TEAS)

  • Have a diploma or degree in Nursing or an Allied Health profession or Military Corpsman or EMT-Basic or Intermediate certification and currently certified with direct human patient care in a health care environment within the last 5 years.


       Be CNA-1 certified by June 1st of the admitting year. 

2.  Apply to Johnston Community College by following the instructions at the following link:     JCC Application

3.  Review the mandatory Information Session for admission to the Nuclear Medicine Technology program at THIS LINK and complete / submit the post-session quiz at the end.                                                                    

4.  After completing and submitting the post-session quiz, access the separate Nuclear Medicine Technology program application by clicking on "The Program Application" at the bottom of the page. You will also receive an e-mail with the link to the program specific application and you will need to submit e-mail in your application packet.    

5.  Print off, complete, and submit the program specific application, counselor interview summary and CNA certificate (if required).

6.  Submit your application packet to the Admissions Office (mail to P. O. Box 2350‐Smithfield, NC 27577 or submit on campus at the Wilson Building.

Please be aware that students will be subject to the requirements of the curriculum in the year in which they enter and requirements may change. In addition to the prerequisites required for eligibility, students must meet the admissions requirements found at the JCC website’s Nuclear Medicine Technology page.

To view the Nuclear Medicine Technology program of study CLICK HERE.

 For more information, please contact:

FTCC Health Admissions Counselors
(910) 678-8252

 JCC Admissions Counselor

(919) 209-2049
JCC/FTCC Consortium NMT Program Department Chair
Dr. Malikah Myrick-Smith
(919) 209-2077