• FAQ's  -  Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Topics

    • Where do I begin? How do I enter the program?  Visit the FTCC main web page (www.faytechcc.edu) and look under "Get Started". Official transcripts must be sent to the FTCC admissions department from high school and any colleges, an online application must be completed, and any required entrance exams must be taken and results evaluated.
  • I have applied but have not heard anything from anyone. Now what? If the criteria have been met from the above question, allow 3-5 business days for processing. Check your student email from FTCC. Information is generally sent via your email and/or mailed to you. If no information is received via mail or email, contact the Health Programs Counselor at carverl@faytechcc.edu, or an evaluator at (910) 678-8274.
  • What is the cost of theprogram?Current tuition costs may be found here. Books range in price and number for each class, but average $120-$200 per class.

Graduation Topics

  • How/when do I apply for graduation? Visit  this web site  for information about graduation.
  • Do I have to attend the graduation ceremony? No, it is entirely optional. (But check with your family, it may be very important to them to see you graduate!)
  • Do I have to pay the graduation fee even if I am not going to attend the ceremony? Yes, the fee is a requirement.

Information Highway Classes

  • What is the Information Highway class?The North Carolina Information Highway (NCIH) is a system whereby courses are taught at the FTCC Main Campus and received at another college. Students assemble in a specialized classroom at both sites and interact in "real time". Colleges that participate in the NCIH system are: BCC in Supply, NC, CVCC in Hickory, NC, ECC in Tarboro, NC, and RCC in Asheboro, NC. Students will apply at the desired NCIH site and FTCC. 

Online Courses

  • Are both programs available totally online?Only the NC Funeral Director's program is available completely (100%) online. The funeral service degree is available online with the following exceptions:
  1. FSE 211 Embalming Lab I(must be taken at FTCC Main Campus) or COE 111 Cooperative Education I(may be taken at a North Carolina located funeral home if employed there).
  2. FSE 213 Embalming Lab II(must be taken at FTCC Main Campus) or COE 121 Cooperative Education II(may be taken at a North Carolina located funeral home if employed there).
  3. FSE 215 Restorative Art (must be taken at FTCC Main Campus in the Fall or Spring semester or via NCIH sites in Asheboro and Hickory in the Fall semester.
  • Is it permissible to switch from an online class to a face-to-face class or vice versa?No, must be officially enrolled in an individual class to receive credit for it. Changing classes is only allowed during the schedule correction period, or drop-add period.
  • How easy are online classes?They're not! Most students comment that they work twice as hard in an online class as in a face-to-face class. To successfully complete online classes, students must be self-motivated and disciplined, be able to work independently, complete all assignments and tests in a punctual manner, and participate in the class as prescribed.

Program Topics

  • Is it possible to go through the Funeral Director's program, graduate, then continue on in the Funeral Service program? Absolutely! To switch from one program to another, OR to add another program so you'll be enrolled in both, contact the counseling center at (910) 678-8419.
  • What happens if I drop out of classes for one or more semesters?You may have to complete another online application and be re-approved into the program. Contact your academic advisor or the Counseling Services office at 910-678-8419.
  • How long will it take me to complete the program?It depends on the following variables: How many courses are you transferring into the program, will you be taking classes part-time (less than 12 hours per semester) or full-time (12 or more hours per semester), etc. In order to complete any program according to the program schedule, you would need to complete or transfer in 18-21 credits per semester.
  • What if some of my courses "age out" or become older than 5 years old by the time of my graduation? If you are a concurrently enrolled student at FTCC (taking classes each Fall and Spring semesters, or you are taking classes at another college for transfer into the FSE or FD program each semester) then the classes that were officially transferred when you were accepted at the time of enrollment will remain as such (The classes will remain approved).
  • How many times may I take each individual class?Students are only allowed two attempts to successfully complete a class. A "W" constitutes an attempt. After the second failed attempt, the student is no longer enrolled in the Funeral Service degree and/or N.C. Funeral Director's diploma program.
  • How do I determine which classes are offered each semester?Course offerings are always subject to change, but a typical year of course offerings may be found by looking under "The Programs". 

Transferring Courses to FTCC

  • How do I transfer previously taken courses into the program?For consideration for transfer, all official transcripts must be received from the accredited institution where classes were taken, must be within the proper age guidelines, the grade received must be a "C" or higher, and the course must cover all information encompassed by the FTCC course and have the same or more semester credit hours. Many courses have age limits and may not be transferred if they are too old. See the list below for those courses.
  • I think that I should have been awarded credit for a previously taken course meeting the criteria above. What should I do? Contact your advisor. Program advisors are: David Hall 910-678-8301, halld@faytechcc.edu.  Leslie Keenan 910-678-8525, keenanl@faytechcc.edu. Michael Landon 910-678-8510, landonm@faytechcc.edu.  If you do not know who your advisor is, or you do not have an advisor or a Student Education Plan, contact the Health Program Counselor, Ms. Lynne Carver, at carverl@faytechcc.edu or HealthCounseling@faytechcc.edu.
  • What courses are allowed for transfer into the FSE or FD program(s)?Based on the above criteria, the courses below are generally acceptable:


           FTCC  COURSE              

ACA 111/115 BA or BS degree, ACA 111 or ACA 115
ACC 111 ACC 120 (no older than 7 years)
BUS 110 BUS 110 (no older than 10 years)
BUS 115 BUS 115 (no older than 7 years)
BUS 230 BUS 230
CIS 113 CIS 110, 111, 113 (no older than 7 years)
FSE 118 BIO 168 and BIO 169 (no older than 5 years)
FSE 120 BIO 275 (no older than 5 years)
FSE 214 MED 121 and MED 122 (no older than 5 years)
MAT 115 MAT 115
PSY 150 PSY 150
PSY 141 PSY 141
SOC 210 SOC 210