Distance Education Students

The Funeral Service degree (FSE) and NC Funeral Directing diploma program (FD) have a large number of students that enroll and participate in classes online via the Internet and the North Carolina Information Highway (NCIH). Also, students often choose to enroll and complete classes at other colleges in order to transfer courses to FTCC.

Distance education students taking classes at other college locations should be aware of the following:

  • Applications should be completed and accepted at FTCC and the other college location.
  • Students must be approved into the FD and/or FSE program(s) before being allowed to register for any "FSE" prefix class.
  • In order to be accepted into the FSE and/or FD programs at FTCC, the application must be submitted and reviewed, all official transcripts from high school and college must be received and reviewed by an admissions counselor, and any required admissions testing must have been taken and reviewed by the counselor.
  • If taking courses at another college that do not begin with an "FSE" prefix (i.e., ACC, BUS, CIS, MAT, PSY, SOC...) official transcripts should be sent to the FTCC admissions department following the receipt of a grade in that class.

Students enrolled in the FD and/or FSE programs should contact their academic advisor every semester for advising or registration. If a course or courses have been taken at another college and the transcript has been received by FTCC, the academic advisor should be made aware of this information so that a course substitution may be generated. Students should check their Webadvisor accounts to determine their advisor's contact information. If no advisor has been issued, or if a Student Education plan has not been received, students should contact our Health Programs Counselor, Ms. Lynne Carver (carverl@faytechcc.edu) or HealthCounseling@faytechcc.edu.



Transferring Courses to the FTCC FSE Department

The FSE department generally accepts courses for transfer depending on:

  1. The grade received (must be a "C" or higher)
  2. The age of the course (5 years old or less in the FSE-prefix area)
  3. Credit hours (must be the same or greater than FTCC's)
  4. Accreditation of the other college
  5. The course description
  6. Remember, any receiving institution has the right to refuse approval of outside courses

Based on the above criteria, the following courses are generally accepted for transfer:

           FTCC                          COURSE                GENERALLY ACCEPTED COURSES  
ACA 111/115 BA or BS degree, ACA 111 or ACA 115
ACC 111 ACC 120 (no older than 7 years)
BUS 110 BUS 110 (no older than 10 years)
BUS 115 BUS 115 (no older than 7 years)
BUS 230 BUS 230
CIS 113 CIS 110, 111, 113 (no older than 7 years)
FSE 118 BIO 168 and BIO 169 (no older than 5 years)
FSE 120 BIO 275 (no older than 5 years)
FSE 214 MED 121 and MED 122 (no older than 5 years)
MAT 115 MAT 115
PSY 150 PSY 150
PSY 141 PSY 141
SOC 210 SOC 210