Apprenticeship Information

The State Board of Funeral Service of North Carolina requires that an individual serve a period of apprenticeship or resident traineeship at a licensed North Carolina funeral establishment (funeral home) before being eligible for licensure.

The time to serve an apprenticeship is up to the individual and the funeral home that has allowed the apprenticeship to be served. This period of resident traineeship is a twelve month period if served at a funeral home for at least 2000 hours during the year. Working less than 2000 hours will require an additional year of apprenticeship. The period of apprenticeship may be served before funeral service education, after the education has been completed, and in some cases, during the funeral education process. Keep in mind, though, that taking more than 11 credit hours of college courses during one's apprenticeship could cause the state board to require two years of apprenticeship because one is a full-time student if taking 12 or more hours during a semester.

During the period of resident traineeship, the resident trainee is to receive training in all aspects of funeral directing, if preparing for a funeral directing license, embalming, if preparing for an embalming license, or aspects of both funeral directing and embalming if preparing for a funeral service license. The resident trainee must submit monthly reports to the Board on documents supplied by the Board of Funeral Service.

The apprenticeship is only valid or "good" for a period of five years, so one should gain licensure before the five-year period expires, otherwise a new apprenticeship must be served.

The State Board of Funeral Service may refuse to issue or renew a license if one has been convicted of a felony. If you have been convicted of a felony, you should contact the Board for a possible appearance so the Board may make a decision in granting you a license in North Carolina. (919) 733-9380

FTCC is not involved in apprenticeships in North Carolina. This period of apprenticeship is an arrangement between the trainee, the funeral home, and the State Board of Funeral Service. FTCC does not secure funeral establishments for possible apprenticeships.