What does MyCAA pay for at FTCC?

Curriculum tuition and Continuing Education classes

After I have been accepted to the MyCAA program, what do I need to do at FTCC?

If you are not a current student at FTCC: Visit Admissions on the FTCC website for the general admissions process.

If you are a current student at FTCC:  Contact MyCAA and visit the MyCAA homepage.  Visit the MyCAA fact sheet to make sure you qualify for the program, if you have any additional questions contact MyCAA counselors at 1-800-342-9647.  Once you have been accepted into the MyCAA program contact the Business Office at 678-1006 to verify the correct way to input your course information.

I have registered for classes at FTCC and I have MyCAA that will pay for my classes.  What is my next step?

You will need to update your MyCAA account with the classes you are registered for to generate the financial assistance authorization that must be submitted to FTCC.  If you have questions related to the correct way to enter your courses into your MyCAA account, please contact the Business Office at 678-1006.

How do I enter my classes into MyCAA account?

Contact MyCAA counselors at 1-800-342-9647 or visit the MyCAA FAQ's for a step by step guide.  The Business Office can assist you in the proper way your class and the section number should be entered.  Contact the Business Office at (910) 678-1006.

I have a MyCAA financial assistance authorization.  Are my classes held automatically?

No, you must submit your authorization to the FTCC Business Office. Please contact the Business Office at (910) 678-1006 or or 171 Lake Tree Blvd, Spring Lake, NC.

What is the deadline to give the MyCAA authorization to FTCC?

For curriculum classes:

The authorization is due to the Business Office by the payment deadline and is considered your form of payment for classes.

If you register after the payment deadline, your authorization will be due by 4:00 p.m. on the day that you register.

For Continuing Education classes:

You must have your authorization issued prior to registering for your class.  The authorization is considered your form of payment.

Note:  If you make any changes to your registration schedule (which includes classes, dates of classes or total tuition) after you have a MyCAA authorization, it is your responsibility to make the corresponding changes in your MyCAA account to generate an updated authorization.  The updated authorization must be submitted to the FTCC Business Office.

Today is the payment deadline, and I have just entered my classes into my MyCAA account. I don't have an authorization yet, what do I do?

To be sure that you are not dropped from your classes you will need to pay out of pocket, after your authorization is approved call the business office at (910) 678-1006 so we can verify that we have a copy.  Once the business office puts your authorization into our system, this will generate a refund.  A refund check will be mailed to the address FTCC has on record.

Who at FTCC do I contact concerning MyCAA paying for my classes?

(910) 678-1006 phone
(910) 436-5184 fax

171 Lake Tree Blvd, Room 116B
Spring Lake, NC 28390

If I drop a class at FTCC before the class starts or prior to the 10% point, when will the funds be returned to my MyCAA account?

Funds will be returned during the billing process to the MyCAA program. Once the MyCAA program reviews the bill, they will adjust your MyCAA account  This process can take a couple of months from the time classes start until MyCAA puts the funds back into your account.