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Phone: (910) 396-6982/2351
Location: BTEC (Bragg Training and Education Center), corner of Knox and Randolph streets, Building 1-3571, G Wing, Room 121, Fort Bragg
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

BSEP (formerly known as FAST) is the commanders' primary on-duty education program. The purposes of BSEP are to promote retention, increase re-enlistment options, and improve job performance. Since BSEP is a refresher course in both math and English, many soldiers take it to help them raise their GT scores when retesting on the Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT). BSEP is a teacher-facilitated program with computer lessons for learning enhancement.

To Enroll:

  1. Get a BSEP enrollment form from the Education Center, J Wing (counseling), or go to GoArmyEd to self enroll. Have your commander sign the form.
  2. Take your signed enrollment form to the BTEC office as soon as possible (before the class starts) to hold your slot. You must be present on the first day of class. No one will be accepted into the class after the first day of the cycle. Please call 396-2351/6982 if you have any questions.
  3. The TABE (placement test) is given on the first day of class. AM class report at 0730 and PM class report at 1230 on the first day.


 BSEP Instructor