About the Office

The Financial Aid Office (FAO) at FTCC administers the various Title IV financial aid programs under policies established by the College and guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of Education.

The FAO’s mission is to assist students in gaining an education by providing the most comprehensive financial assistance possible to current and perspective students. The Office is dedicated to maintaining accurate records and complying with Federal State and College regulations. Through a partnership with students, parents, and numerous offices and organizations, the Office is committed to timely communication and quality customer service


College Principles of Financial Aid

The staff at Fayetteville Technical Community College has adopted the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) Statement of Ethical Principles.
  • Be committed to removing financial barriers for those who wish to pursue postsecondary learning.
  • Make every effort to assist students with financial need.
  • Be aware of the issues affecting students and advocate their interests at the institutional, state, and federal levels.
  • Support efforts to encourage students, as early as the elementary grades, to aspire to and plan for education beyond high school.
  • Support efforts to encourage students, as early as the elementary grades, to aspire to and plan for education beyond high school.
  • Educate students and families through quality consumer information.
  • Respect the dignity and protect the privacy of students, and insure the confidentiality of student records and personal circumstances.
  • Ensure equity by applying all need analysis formulas consistently across the institution’s full population of student financial aid applicants.
  • Provide services that do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, or economic status.
  • Recognize the need for professional development and continuing education opportunities.
  • Promote the free expression of ideas and opinions, and foster respect for diverse viewpoints within the profession.
  • Commit to the highest level of ethical behavior and refrain from conflict of interest or the perception thereof.
  • Maintain the highest level of professionalism, reflecting a commitment to the goals of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.



Operating Policies


The following operating policies are designed to assure that the FAO is effective in carrying out its responsibilities:

  • All students must apply for financial assistance by submitting appropriate application forms to the FAO.
  • All funds available to the College for financial assistance shall be administered through the FAO. The selection of students to receive certain designated scholarships and other awards shall be submitted by the responsible department to the FAO for processing (see scholarships). When funds or awards for students are received from outside sources by other offices (such as the Business Office) that office will be required to notify the FAO.
  • The FAO shall maintain adequate records to ensure proper administration of aid funds. This includes ensuring that aid given is not in excess of need and or the cost of attendance and that aggregate awards do not exceed total expenditures of funds under each program.
  • Selection of students to receive financial aid will be made without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or marital status.
  • All students applying for aid are required to apply annually for Federal and State assistance.