Blackboard 9.1 SP14 Faculty FAQ's

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FTCC Blackboard Basics

New Faculty Blackboard Accounts : LINK
Blackboard Course Availability and Logins LINK

Blackboard/Snapshot Troubleshooting LINK
Login to Blackboard LINK

FTCC Course Template for Blackboard

Download FTCC's Course Template LINK
Download Template Installation Instructions PRINT
Online Standards 2014-2015 LINK
Online Standards - Guided Tour 2014-2015 LINK
EIT Resource Center LINK

FTCC Blackboard Course Standards

Course Review Checklist LINK
SACS & Quality Matters Standards LINK

Course Basics

Assessing Learners LINK
Communicating & Collaborating LINK
My Courses Module List LINK
Understanding & Building Your Course LINK

Additional Resources

ADA Compliance Resources LINK
Apps for Education LINK
Blackboard Instructor Help LINK
Blackboard 9.1 Videos on YouTube SP10SP11SP12SP13
Clear Web Browser's Cache LINK


Unblock Blackboard Videos LINK

Bb First Thursday Webinars

June 2015:   Wikis, Blogs, Forums, and Journals: Which One to Use and Why?: View the Wikies, Blogs, etc recording
May 2015:    Avoiding Copyright Violations in the Digital Age View the Blackboard Collaborate recording
April 2015:   Upgrading your TechFolios: View the Blackboard Collaborate recording
March 2015: Implementing an Accessibility Training Program: View the Blackboard Collaborate recording.

Bb Collaborate Training Session1: Group A    Group B 
Advanced Collaborate Training, Beyond the Basics: Group A  Group B

Global Navigation and My Blackboard:
Tour the new global navigation and My Blackboard. Now all your academic information is organized in one place, providing a consistant quick and easy way to find everything. LINK

My Blackboard Profile: Learn how to create your Blackboard Profile. Your profile is completely separate from your Blackboard account so you can add a picture, a nickname, and even information from Facebook and Twitter. Share your profile with other people at your school so they can get to know you. LINK

Video Everywhere:Use the content editor in Blackboard to create video using your webcam. Upload your recordings directly to YouTube™ using your registered Google® account and YouTube channel. PRINT

Working in the Course Environment

Building Course Content

Setting Permissions

Reporting and Course Utilities

Content Collection

Content Partner NBC Archives

Content Partner MCGRAW-HILL

Content Partner PEARSON

Content Partner CENGAGE

Content Partner WILEY



Integrate Web 2.0 Tools into Blackboard Learn
Engage your students by adding new ways to communicate and collaborate to your course. This short document describes and rates the ease of use for 14 free Web 2.0 tools. PRINT

Getting Started with Interactive Tools
Discover the differences among Blogs, Journals, Wikis, and the Discussion Board and how to use each tool effectively in your course. LINK

Using the Discussion Board

Managing Group Work

Blogs and Journals


Announcements and Scheduling

Assessing Students

Retention Center SP11:The Retention Center provides an easy way for instructors to discover which students in their courses are at risk. Instructors can communicate with struggling students and help them take immediate action for improvement. LINK

Item Analysis Service Pack SP10:Use Item analysis to see statistics on overall test performance and on individual test questions. Identify and easily correct ineffective or misleading questionsand your tests are re-graded automatically. LINK

Grade Center

Tests, Surveys, and Pools


Student Performance

Recommended End of Semester Course Maintenance for Instructors
An archive of each course is completed by Blackboard at the end of the semester. Instructors should also archive and keep a copy of the archive, just in case the collected archives somehow become corrupt. Archive instructions are here.

Instructor's Should Export:

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