All employees, except those classified as temporary, are offered medical and hospital insurance under the State Health Plan administered by Blue Cross - Blue Shield of North Carolina.  The Traditional 70/30 employee only coverage is provided at no cost to the employee. Employees can elect the Enhanced 80/20 Plan or the Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) and pay a premium each month. Employees who desire to enroll their families may do so by paying the additional cost of such insurance.  The employee premiums are payroll deductible and available under the cafeteria plan.

Current information on the State Health Plan is available at the State Health Plan Website. Included at the site is the Benefits Handbook, Preferred Drug List,  and necessary forms.  


We are an eBenefits Now Institution - New employees must log in to complete on-line enrollment. Existing members can update personal information such as address and emergency contact information. Members can also make changes to their plan if a status change occurs by logging in to: Enrollment and changes

                                                                  Rates January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015

Monthly Premiums for PPO Traditional 70/30 Plan
  Type of Coverage         Employee Cost            Employer Cost            Total Cost         
Employee 0.00 448.12 448.12
Employee/Child(ren) 205.12 448.12 653.24
Employee/Spouse 528.52 448.12 976.64
Employee/Family 562.94 448.12 1011.06
*Monthly Premiums for PPO Enhanced 80/20 Plan
Employee 13.56 448.12 461.68
Employee/Child(ren) 286.36 448.12 734.48
Employee/Spouse 642.10 448.12 1090.22
Employee/Family 679.94 448.12 1128.06
*Monthly Premiums for Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP)
Employee 0.00 448.12 448.12 
Employee/Child(ren) 184.60 448.12 632.72 
Employee/Spouse 475.68 448.12 923.80 
Employee/Family 506.64 448.12 954.76 

                        *Premiums for the Enhanced 80/20 Plan and the Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) assume that the employee will receive credit for the three wellness incentives available under those plans.  If all three wellness credits are not received the cost of the plan will be higher.  Visit the State Health Plan Website for more information. 

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