FTCC is expanding its WebAdvisor services by offering students the opportunity to get on a Waitlist for class sections that are closed.

 How does a student get on a Waitlist?

-Login to WebAdvisor
-Click on Students
-Select Manage My Waitlist
-Click on Waitlist from the Action list

-Click on Submit

How does a student know when a seat becomes available?

Our database system will check daily for available seats in every class section. If a seat becomes available in a class section, the next student on the Waitlist will be AUTOMATICALLY registered for the section. An email will be sent to notify the student of the Waitlist registration. Please remember that all emails from FTCC are sent to the students’ FTCC email accounts.

Can a student be on multiple Waitlists?

Students can be on waitlists for different courses. Students cannot be on a waitlist for multiple sections of the same course.


ACC-121-0001 and ACC-131-0001

Can a student get off a Waitlist?

Yes, students can take their names off a waitlist by doing the following:

-Login to WebAdvisor
-Click on Students
Click on Manage My Waitlist
Click on Remove from the Action list

-Click on Submit

When will the waitlist option be available each registration cycle?

The Waitlist option will be available for every section at the start of each registration period. All Waitlists will be closed the last day of the registration period.

What if another section is added?

Students should check WebAdvisor regularly. Additional sections for courses may be added at any time during the registration period. Students can register for another section of a course, but they must remove their names from the waitlist first.


It is the student’s responsibility to pay for the course that has been added to their schedule by the Waitlist process by the posted payment deadline. Click here for the current Registration and Fee Payment Schedule.

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