To be eligible, the student must:

- Fall 2014 Prospective graduates must apply by November 14, 2014 (to be considered a Fall 14 Graduate)

- Spring 2015 Prospective graduates must apply by March 6, 2015 (to be considered a Spring 15 Graduate)

- Summer 2015 Prospective graduates must apply by May 29, 2015 (to be considered a Summer 15 Graduate)

(This application must be completed by ALL students who want to receive their degree, diploma and/or certificate, whether or not they will participate in the commencement ceremony.

Course Substitutions

All course substitutions will be made upon the recommendation of the advisor, with endorsement by the department chairperson, division chair, and curriculum program dean.  Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Services.

Students receiving assistance from the Veterans Administration must have prior approval to make course substitutions from the VA Office.  Electives taken by students under VA educational benefits may exceed the total required hours of a curriculum only by the hours of the last elective taken to fulfill those requirements.

Graduating with Honors (Honors and Highest Honors status will be based on Fall 2014 grades for commencement.)

Highest Honors - Any student who had earned a quality point average of 4.0 in his or her degree or diploma program at Fayetteville Technical Community College will be granted a diploma or degree with highest honors. This graduate will earn a gold cord and tassel.

Honors - Any student who has a quality point average of 3.50 - 3.99 in his or her degree or diploma program will be granted a diploma or degree with honors. This graduate will earn a gold tassel.

Gold tassels and cords for honors will be handed out early at the Cap and Gown Pickup and on commencement day for latecomers. The student's transcript will be noted to reflect this achievement.

Honor status is based only on the MAJOR GPA. In order to graduate from the program, a student must have 2.0 CUM and MAJOR GPA. (Certificate completers are not eligible for honors.)

The President's Award

The President's Award is presented to a deserving student selected by a faculty-staff committee.  To be eligible for this award, a student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must have been enrolled on a full-time basis during the year of nomination.  The student must exhibit and promote good student morale and demonstrate a genuine concern for FTCC and its role in the community.

Office of the Registrar
Tony Rand Student Center, Room 124
Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 P.M. (Fall & Spring)                    
                    Monday - Thursday, 7:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M. /Friday, 7:30 A.M.-1:00 P.M. (Summer) 
Telehpone:  (910) 678-8476  Fax: (910) 678-0085 
Email:  registrar@faytechcc.edu