What is Deveopmental Math Redesign?

The North Carolina Community College System has initiated a  redesign of its developmental math sequence in order to achieve better outcomes  for the colleges' largest population of academically underprepared students.  When  the developmental math redesign began in North Carolina, a Math Redesign Task  Force was appointed from nominations solicited from each of the North Carolina  Community Colleges.  The task force was  given principles to strive for in the redesign.

These principles included the  following: 

The new curriculum will be a modular  approach. Developmental students will be able to complete the curriculum in an  academic year.

The new curriculum will be flexible  to allow students to complete theirrequired developmental math requirements at  a pace that is appropriate to their needs and knowledge.

Diagnostic testing will assure  appropriate placement in modules.

Each college will implement the new  modular curriculum in a way that is appropriate for the needs and resources of  the college.

The modules will be rich in context and  conceptual understanding.

Starting Fall 2013, FTCC will offer  the new Developmental Math (DMA) modules.   

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