Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program offers help to students in crisis.

Counseling Services accepts referrals from faculty and staff to provide assistance in the areas of academic counseling, peer support, vocational counseling, information, referrals, and crisis assessment for our students.

Those students with long-term counseling needs or serious problems that require special treatment are referred to appropriate agencies as needed. The college has implemented the Student Assistance Program (SAP), which is aimed at early treatment of such problems as family, martial, or financial difficulties, and may even involve alcohol or drug abuse. Complete the referral form and forward to

Counseling Services is committed to helping FTCC students in crisis. If you have an emergency, please call one of the appropriate help line numbers.

Types of Services
We offer counseling for:
      Student Assistance Program
           Alcohol Abuse                                                                            
  Drug Addiction  
  Family Stress  
  Financial/Legal Problems                                                                                
  Mental/Emotional Distress  
  Work-Related Stress  



There is no cost to FTCC students, referred by their counselor to receive an evaluation by an Assistance Program consultant. Expenses for further treatment will be provided according to the terms one's individual health insurance program, or on a sliding scale.



Patient Privacy Patient privacy is a vital part of this program. Our consultants are trained professionals who will meet with you at your convenience, at their office or yours. All conversations will be kept private, and you will be treated with care and compassion.