Q. What is Cooperative Education (Co-op)?
A. Co-op is an educational option that provides students an opportunity to apply classroom learning in paid or non-paid work experience. Students work in jobs related to their major with career goals with area businesses, industries, and public agencies.
Q. How do I know if I can Co-op?
A. You must complete a Cooperative Education Application Form and be approved and registered by the Co-op Coordinator. You must be officially enrolled in a program that offers the Co-op option (see Curriculum Program Offerings). You must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours in your major curriculum courses. You must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.
Q. Who do I need to see to sign up and register for Co-op?
A. The Co-op Coordinator and ONLY the Co-op Coordinator can determine your eligibility and register you.
Q. When should the required Co-op paperwork be completed?
A. As soon as registration opens for the semester in which you plan to do your Co-op.
Q.  Do I get credit for doing Co-op? 
A. Co-op credit is based on the number of credit hours you want to earn. For 1 credit, you must complete 160 hours for the semester (or 10 hours per week); for 2 credits, you must complete 320 hours for the semester (or 20 hours per week); for 3 credits, you must complete 480 hours for the semester (or 30 hours per week).
Q. Is there a cost to do Co-op? 
A. Co-op is just like any other class, depending upon the number of credits you plan to earn. There is no cost for a textbook with Co-op. A workbook will be provided to all registered students. 
Q. Will the Co-op Department find me a job? 
A. The Co-op Coordinator does get job leads but the student should be looking for positions related to their own curriculum as well. 
Q. Will I earn money for doing Co-op?
A. There are both paid and non-paid positions in the Co-op work experience.
Q. Do I need to submit a resumé to the Co-op Department?
A. Yes, the Co-op Coordinator requests that students submit their resumé to her electronically. She will review them and recommend any changes/corrections and once finalized will email it to potential employers.
Q. Will I have to go through an interview process? 
A.  The Co-op Coordinator will meet with you to determine your eligibility. Prior to your placement, you may face an interview with the potential employer.
Q. If I am already working at a company in a job related to my curriculum, can I do my Co-op there? 
A. Students already employed may participate in the program to enhance their professional growth and earn course credit. The job MUST be curriculum related and approved by appropriate staff. 
Q. Is there homework for Co-op? 
A. You will track your work hours in the workbook provided to you upon your mandatory orientation and set up some Measurable Learning Objectives (MLOs) to achieve during your Co-op experience. 
Q. How will I be graded for Co-op? 
A. Your grade will be based upon your performance in your Co-op position. Your faculty coordinator and supervisor will give you scores for the on-site visitation; the MLOs; and your attendance, quality of work, and interaction with co-workers. This will all be explained in the one-hour mandatory orientation session held the Friday prior to the start date of classes for the semester.