Employer's FAQS For WBL

Q. What is Work-Based Learning (WBL)?
A. An educational program that integrates classroom learning with practical, supervised work experience.
Q. I'm very interested in providing a learning environment for a FTCC WBL student, what is my next step?
A. Complete an Employer Request for WBL Student Form or contact the WBL Coordinator by email at atkinsok@faytechcc.edu or by phone (910) 678-8268.
Q. Do I have to pay the WBL student?
A. Students work in paid or non-paid positions depending upon the situation. If they are compensated, it must be at a level consistent with regular employees in a similar training situation.
Q. Who is liable for the student while in my employ?
A. For paid positions, employer must provide Workers' Compensation Liability for a WBL student during the entire work experience period as directed by the Department of Labor.
Q.  Is there some type of contract that my company has to enter into? 
A. No, there is a Work-Based Learning Agreement which outlines the responsibilities of the College, employer, and student during the work experience period. 
Q. How many hours can a WBL student work? 
A. Provide a minimum of at least 160 or 320 hours of employment per semester/term (16-weeks) depending on course credit assigned. 
Q. How is the student's performance monitored? 
A. Employer identifies a qualified immediate supervisor to serve as the one who will assist the student in developing and evaluating the three (3) Measurable Learning Objectives that will be related to the student's academic studies. There will be consultation and coordination between the student, the employer, and the College as well as one on-site visitation by the student's faculty coordinator. 
Q. Will I have to come to the College for meetings regarding a WBL student?
A. No, the faculty coordinator and WBL Coordinator (if available) conduct the one on-site visitation with the supervisor to monitor the student's performance.
Q. What if a WBL student does not work out?
A. Notify the Work-Based Learning Office at the College at least one (1) week before any action that might result in the termination or change of employment status of the student.