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  More tactics learned, less lives lost.

The FTCC Law Enforcement Training department is committed to offering the law enforcement community timely, relevant, and professional training commensurate with established mandates of the Sheriff’s Commission, the North Carolina Training and Standards Commission, and/or the Private Protective Services Board.  Our staff and a carefully selected group of experienced police and security officer trainers conduct the courses.
Quality service and professionalism earmark the relationship between the law enforcement department and its broad law enforcement and security base.  The objective of the FTCC Law Enforcement Training program is to offer the latest and most effective training available. 
The majority of the course offerings are restricted to law enforcement or emergency services personnel.  Some security course offerings are open to the general public, with the state prescribed registration fee required.
If you have an interest in becoming a police officer Click here to see Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET):
Take a look at the current class schedule.  Contact us today!  For further information, please call (910) 678-8381 or email at
As always, thank you for choosing FTCC!
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