College & Career Readiness

Corporate & Continuing Education

The College and Career Readiness (CCR) program helps you to gain secondary and post-secondary academic advancement and/or immediate improvement in employability skills.

Whether you are interested in getting a High School Equivalency certificate, High School Diploma, or attending a Job Preparation course, the College and Career Readiness program at Fayetteville Technical Community College has a course for you!

Programs Include

– Adult Basic Education (ABE)
– Adult High School (AHS)
– High School Equivalency (HSE)
– English as a Second Language (ESL)
– Academic Review Classes

Location & Times

Classes are offered on and off campus, days, evenings and weekends. For your convenience, some of our classes are even offered online or through correspondence!

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

The Adult Basic Education program is designed to help those seeking secondary and post-secondary academic advancement and/or immediate improvement in employability skills.

Note: Pre-Registration and Initial Assessment is Required.

Basic Skills & Education Program (BSEP)

BSEP (formerly know as FAST) is the commanders’ primary on-duty education program. The purposes of BSEP are to promote retention, increase re-enlistment options, and improve job performance.

Since BSEP is a refresher course in both math and English, many soldiers take it to help them raise their GT scores when retesting on the Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT). BSEP is a teacher-facilitated program with computer lessons for learning enhancement.

The course is approximately one month and consists of half-day classes. Soldiers can choose between a morning session from 0900-1300 or an afternoon session from 1300-1700. Classes begin on the first working day of the month.

Location: BTEC (Bragg Training and Education Center), corner of Knox and Randolph Streets, Building 1-3571, G Wing, Room 121, Fort Bragg
Contact: 910-396-6982 or 910-396-2351

Effective Writing Class

Improve your military reading and writing strategies with a free Effecting Writing Class. The class covers topics including essays, military writing style, college prep writing, standardized test prep, resumes, and cover letters.

The course is two weeks and consists of half-day classes. The class is open to all enlisted soldiers, who can choose between a morning session from 0900-1200 or an afternoon session from 1330-1630.

Location: Building 2-1728, Room 201 – Soldier Development Center, Armistead St.
How to Enroll: Call Ms. Sybil Sasaki at 910-396-6982 to add your name to the roster.

Adult High School (AHS)

The Adult High School program is a partnership between Fayetteville Technical Community College and Cumberland County Schools to allow you to earn your official high school diploma.


– High School Transcript on File with College and Career Readiness
– Placement Testing in Reading, Math, and Language


Randolph Williams, Adult High School Coordinator

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High School Equivalency (HSE)

The High School Equivalency program allows you to earn your GED® or high school equivalency.


– Register for HSE or GED® Testing
– Placement Testing in Reading, Math, and Language


Amy Cain, High School Equivalency/GED® Coordinator

Trisha Sims, Coordinator of HSE/GED® testing

English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL classes are for adult English language learners who want to improve their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in English. We offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes.

You can study in a classroom with a teacher, online, or both! All of our ESL classes are free.

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