College transfer Math

The Mathematics Division offers a variety of courses designed to satisfy the requirements of FTCC’s many curriculum programs. For information about which courses to take for your program or area of interest, see What Math Do I Need? under the FAQs section on this page. The majority of curriculum-level math courses are transferable to a four-year college or university, but some are not transferable. Please check with your program advisor and with the four-year school you wish to attend if you have questions about whether a particular course is eligible for transfer.

What Are the Prerequisites?

All curriculum-level mathematics courses have prerequisites. Before you attempt to register for a course, please check the course description in the FTCC College Catalog to determine what courses are required to be completed prior to taking that course. You may have obtained credit for the prerequisite course(s) through a placement test or evaluation of your records during the admissions process. If you are not sure, please check with your advisor.

Should I Take Math Online?

Many curriculum-level mathematics courses are offered online as well as in the traditional classroom environment. Taking a math course online is different from taking other types of courses online. To help you determine whether an online math course is right for you, please consult Should I Take Math Online? in the FAQs section of this page. Please note that online math courses require the student to take proctored midterm and final exams. Local students come to main campus to take their exams. Students who live more than 50 miles from campus may use an approved proctor near their location instead of traveling to campus.

What Materials Are Required For My Math Class?

Required materials for your math course include a specified textbook and a particular type of calculator. To determine the particular calculator required for your course, see Which Calculator? under the FAQs section on this page. Some courses require additional tools, such as an access code for online software. To learn these and other details about your course before you register, consult the current tabloid on the Class Registration page or click on the course name when you register in WebAdvisor.

Can I Take a Test to Receive Credit For a Math Course?

A student who wishes to apply for a grade of "P" (Proficiency) in a curriculum-level math course may request to take the proficiency exam after properly registering and paying for the course. Contact the instructor of the course or the Division Chair for Mathematics to request a proficiency exam. The proficiency exam must be completed by the fourth day of the term.