FTCC'S Math and Science Division (M&S) builds the basic skill sets required for college level work, and establishes the core skills and knowledge needed in the first two years of education for a Bachelor's degree at four year institutions for students looking for more advanced degrees.
Math and Science also supports other FTCC programs such as Engineering, Public Service, and Applied Technology, Health Programs, and Business Programs with their general education needs (e.g., English, Math, Biology, Psychology, etc.) 

At its heart, Math and Science establishes the foundations for self-improvement, further education, entering professional careers, and aiding you in obtaining vocational degrees offered at FTCC's outstanding programs. 

If you plan to continue your education after receiving your associate degree (BA or BS, Masters, or Doctorate), then Arts and Sciences is the place to start with one or more of these degrees:  Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Fine Arts (AFA), and Associate in Science (AS).  Or, if you want to supplement your marketability and flexibility in your vocational career or trade, consider an Associate in General Education , Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science degree - whichever is most aligned with reaching your dream.

Most of all, Arts and Sciences prepares you for the life-long continuous learning needed in the ever-changing world of today, whether you choose to be a plumber or social worker, doctor or IT technician.  We at A&S are helping you in Building a Foundation for Your Future.

Again, welcome to Arts and Sciences!  If I can be of assistance to you, please contact me via e-mail at or via phone number 910.678.8467.

Chris Diorietes
Dean of Math and Science