English Division

The overall mission of the English Division is to promote literacy--specifically the ability to read, write, and think critically, abilities vital to all human endeavors. This mission includes the fostering of such technological literacy as information retrieval, research, and communication. Critically literate individuals can gather, analyze, and communicate information effectively as well as think creatively and draw independent conclusions--skills that are the cornerstone of a healthy democracy, a critically literate citizenry, and the key to the future in an increasingly information-based economy. We promote academic excellence by teaching students ways of engaging, inquiring, and learning through intensive study of language, and by involving them in creating, comprehending, and interpreting different kinds of text in various media. Our students thus build foundations for successful careers in the many fields that rely on effective and creative communication. English and composition studies provide an excellent basis for those preparing for careers in teaching, law, medicine, journalism, government, and business, as well as for those pursuing graduate study in literature or creative writing.