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Interview Process Tips





 Question: How many times do you get to make a first impression?

            Answer: Only once!


In today’s economy, several people may be interviewing for the same job, so making a positive first impression is more critical than ever. Interviewing, even for the person who is not a novice, can sometimes seem stressful! The best advice one can give to ease the anxiety level is to be prepared and research the company or organization. Having prior knowledge about the organization can help you prepare pertinent questions to ask during the interview. Research can also help you gain a more profound prospective about the organization, which will help you construct knowledgeable questions to get you ready for the interview. Knowing what to say is just as important as knowing what not to say.
One component of making a lasting impression includes how you dress for success. Although it’s true that colors definitely impact your personality and mood, when dressing for an interview shy away from bright colors and bold prints and patterns. You will want to appear polished and professional, therefore, you need to meet the interviewer with a sense of confidence and have a tidy and neat appearance.   Click on the link below to explore more tips to help with the interview process, as well as, dressing for success in the interview!


how to dress