Student Learning Center FAQs


  1. Who may use the Student Learning Center?

The Student Learning Center is available on a fee-free basis to students enrolled in many Pre-curriculum or Curriculum (credit) courses at FTCC who are seeking assistance in courses in which they are experiencing academic difficulty.

In addition, NC-Certified school teachers (and other interested adults) may enroll in one of 40+ Continuing Education/Teacher Renewal courses for a modest fee.

  1. How do I enroll in the Student Learning Center?

Students should obtain a Direct Referral Form from the instructor of the course for which they are seeking assistance. Students may also visit the Student Learning Center and complete an Application/Referral Form.

A current, valid FTCC Curriculum Student Photo ID Card is required to enroll (except for Teacher Renewal courses), and students must re-enroll each semester.

  1. What can I expect after enrolling in the Student Learning Center?

When you enroll, we will add your student information to our electronic database so that your attendance may be tracked electronically. Each time you visit the Center, you will need to log in at the front desk. An instructor may assess your specific needs for that visit, which may include:

  • Video or Audio
  • Worksheet, Textbook, or Combination
  • Computer Program
  • One-on-One Instructor Assistance

Student Learning Center Instructors will always be available to answer questions and keep you on track with the materials and methods selected to help you.

  1. Can Online/Distance Learning students use the Student Learning Center?

Distance Learning students enrolled in FTCC Curriculum or Pre-curriculum courses may, if feasible, use the Student Learning Center. They may also seek free 24/7 online tutoring through SmarThinking.